Nick Bare interviews Paul on The Dangers of Seed oils


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Nick Bare is an American YouTuber, Author, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition, founder of Embrace The Suck Training Program, and host of The Bare Performance podcast.

00:10:01 Podcast with Nick Bare begins

00:12:19 Hunting and consuming animal blood

00:19:20 Nutrition education and disease management versus biochemistry

00:20:53 Bow hunting and open fire cooking

00:23:53 The history and dangers of seed oils

00:34:53 Linoleic acids versus stearic acids, and saturated fats versus unsaturated fats

00:51:43 Where people are getting most of their linoleic acid, and thoughts on avocado/olive oil

00:57:53 Three main things to eliminate from your diet for improved health

1:02:53 Evolutionarily consistent foods and the sugar industry

1:06:38 Fruit as a primary carb source and Paul’s health journey

1:26:53 Obesity, appetite and weight loss

1:32:23 What is insulin resistance/metabolic dysfunction?

1:42:30 How do we recover from metabolic dysfunction and decrease linoleic acid intake?

1:48:53 Linoleic acid in formula versus breast milk

1:50:53 Avoiding seed oils while eating out

Where to find Nick Bare:

Podcast: The Bare Performance Podcast

Instagram: @thebareperformancepodcast

Twitter: @BarePerformPod


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