The current political situation in America - part 2


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As part of Free Observer’s bridge-building across the Atlantic (we are busy forming new business and cultural partnerships in the US, of which you will soon hear much more), we would like to share another deep-diving conversation; this time around the current political situation in America.
We present a double-header with Mark Ivanyo, lawyer and a rising political voice.
Mark is the founder of Republicans For Renewal, which was launched in reaction to the pervasive corruption, centralisation, and increasing distancing of the political elite from the people - the electorate whose interests they were supposed to represent.
More particularly (and this will undoubtedly trigger many people…) it involves a ‘revisionist’ analysis of the Trump Presidency, and how it, and the Biden administration, is viewed from a US perspective. Not many Europeans will have a truthful insight into the current political climate, as virtually all media coverage is singularly biased in their automatic collective anti-Trump stance. ‘Over There’, however, where people have direct experience with both presidencies, it is a rather different situation…
We go much deeper and further than that, though. Apart from digging into the full ‘manifesto’ agenda of RNR - the political, trade, immigration, and economic reforms and changes they want to see - particularly in the second podcast, we delve deeper into political philosophy, US Constitutional knowledge and history (awareness of which is sadly lacking, hence we strongly encourage you to listen, and also share it).
In fact, we are quite sure that many Americans will also learn many new things, which is part of the more in-depth informative and educative role we consider FO to play.
Moreover, for our domestic viewers, irrespective of one’s political/ideological standpoint, there are many urgent and relevant lessons that have obvious relevance in a European context.
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