Philosophy & Freedom: the bigger picture of freedom in our current situation


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This talk between Free Observer's Kaspar Bonde Eriksen and Ole Bjerg, author and Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, is another deep dive in how to understand the current situation; take 'the bigger picture' approach, and try to make sense of it all. This time by using Philosophy, and especially contextualising the meaning of 'Freedom' with the times we find ourselves in.
Kaspar is a corporate finance/real estate advisor and guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. To help us navigate these critical themes, Kaspar invited Ole Bjerg for a long conversation. Ole has taught and published widely on everything from Philosophy, Money to Gender Identity.
As he sneaks in at the end, his latest book, "The Meaning of Being A Man" was published in 2020. And like all his work, it comes highly recommended.
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