Faith & Societal Crisis: a Spiritual/Christian Perspective on Corona


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In this program we are very proud to have Iben Thranholm join Kaspar for a profound conversation about God and what is unfolding in the world these days.
Iben is a theologian, who has written extensively on religion and world events, joined a 'controversial' political party and even ran (to many rather controversially) for Parliament. Apart from her newspaper contributions, her journalistic experience included a program on Danish National Radio, which involved extensive reporting on politics and religion from around the world. She is currently adding a law degree to her other academic achievements.
This interview is one of several upcoming explorations with Iben of the great spiritual topics, which the age of modernity has somehow reduced to the periphery - at a disturbing cost to our appreciation of true Self, and the commonality ('Oneness' with something bigger) that is our nature. This 'absence' may be one of the primary causes of why so many people suffer a feeling of being 'lost' and life superficial, if not actually 'meaningless'. This lack of a spiritual grounding may represent one of the most fundamental issues underpinning the crisis we find ourselves in today.
In other words, we take a deep dive into the role of faith in today's world - how a religious perspective can help us make sense of what's going on, and how it may offer not only an understanding, but also a solution out of it.
Whether you agree there are larger forces than mere health related matters at stake, with its various political and economic implications, the discussion will certainly frame events and their meaning in a different context than you perhaps have considered before.
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