Episode 5 What is Wealth?


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Ok so real watch....
I always ask people what is wealth to them?
Most of the time I get an answer about what investing means to them. Or what it means to do do with the stock market.
Everyone has a different definition of wealth for themselves.
This definition is one that was created from their childhood definition. And their parents definition of wealth.
Most of the time we don't remember that our current definition of life isn't actually current or true.
So we need to look at our current definition. Accept that that has been our definition for all this time. Then understand where we got it from. Then create a new belief that we will believe. Like I am willing to be wealthy. Rather than I am wealthy if you're having a problem believing it.
Often times we are stuck just from our definition of wealth.
Now Im going to share what my definition of wealth to be.
Because I believe it to be more broad that the answers I receive.
Here is a couple of my equations for Wealth i've come up with since wealth is more than one thing.
Wealth= Fulfillment
Wealth= Worth + Purpose + Connection + Service
Wealth is life + Business Balance
Wealth is health + freedom + relationship + emotion
1. Why is wealth different from money?
2. Everyone wealthy looks different even in different generations?
3. Do people chase money, fame, purpose?
4. Is wealth worth it?
I was a black and white person. Till I discovered.
I realized I could redefine words!
You don't have to feel worthy of being RICH
You have to feel worthy of being wealthy.
Because we can sustain Wealth. Wealth is sustainable.
Have you defined Wealth for you?
Are you willing to have all of your needs met all of the time?
This is a tribute to Patrice Washington as well! Thank you so much Patrice for changing my life! I love your book and am so grateful to meet you at you last year. You absolutely changed my life. By letting me see that we could redefine our own definition of wealth.
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