Episode 3 Why don't you ask for help with wealth?


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Why don't you ask for help with wealth?
I was someone who was in fear about:
What if I asked in the wrong way?
What if I asked the wrong person?
What if someone told me no?
But really I've now discovered and teach two key reasons of why we don't ask for help with wealth.
1. Not knowing you can ask?
2. Not knowing how to ask?
I ask myself questions like:
Why is asking for help with wealth important?
Did you know you could ask for help?
Were you unable to know how to ask for help?
How do you execute asking for help?
Why codependency and perfectionism make it hard to ask for help?
You are NOT responsible for what we are taught. You are responsible for who you are NOW.
If you were not taught how to ask for help, then thats ok.
We teach ourselves how to do a lot of things as adults. So you can teach yourself how to ask for help with wealth.
You just must be willing to ask.
TIP 1: Learning from peoples experiences VS Institutions
TIP 2: Be kind, giving, no expectations, and straightforward.
TIP 3: Ask in any way you know you can get ahold of someone. (IG message, email, or asking them in person)
TIP 4: Asking someone who has similar values and has done what I wish to do and learn
TIP 5: Ask one uncomfortable ask everyday.
Bonus: We think it's too late for us. ASK FOR HELP NOW, there is no perfect time.
Where would you ask for help with wealth if you were willing to listen to the whisper inside of you talking?
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