Episode 11 Fear of being Comfortable in your own skin (FEAR SERIES)


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Were going in!
On our (FEAR SERIES) we are stepping into being afraid of being fully yourself.
So I wanted to bring on our FIRST of many special guests! With us today is an amazing incredibly authentic human Dijana Llugolli! I was so nervous/excited I even pronounce her name wrong and then don't introduce her. Such a leader, teacher, retreat host, spiritual facilitator, and coach!
Your perception of me is a reflection of you. My reaction to you is an awareness of me. -Dijana
Being truly yourself, well that shit is hard. Being truly ourselves is normally not accepted in todays society. To not worry about judgment, or others demeaning you.
Ever have this moment where its like Oh shit, what if everyone sees who I am?
"That was me" Now "how you see me is your problem"
"Im completely comfortable. It took me so much fucking work to get to a place where I am so comfortable." "Not just with my skin but what I stand for!"
"Im so opinionated and so loud I sometimes that I am obnoxious. And I am unapologetic about it. " "Because it feels right to me. If it doesn't feel right to someone else, thats their problem. "
"There was a time I was such a good girl". I needed to have the best grades, best apartment, best dancer, the perfect kids, perfect husband
That was not me, until I decided No. This "good girl" doesn't fit
WHAT I WANT TO LIVE. WHAT I WANT TO DO. WHAT I WANT TO CREATE AS MY LEGACY. And when I said bye it was so freaking painful to say goodbye to that version of me, it's the only version I knew.
Grieving process of saying bye to that person, it still comes up. Because that girl was ok with settling. But this girl now is saying NO, not happening. It's a constant battle because it took me 40 years to get here. None of you need to experience 40 years. But I'll tell you it was worth it.. looking back the version of me right now is gracefully here now is because of the version that needed to put up with all the shit.
And only through that could I become the version I am BECOMING, still in the process of. It's not a ONE time thing, it's a continuing road healing and self discovery.
Our natural inclination is to stay safe, to RUN. But we must find other ways to cope with rejection, un-comfortability, loss, loneliness.
So being bullied about our bodies, then coming into our skin is HARDER.
Because it doesn't matter what you see in the mirror if it still looks wrong to you.
"So much appreciation for my body. It takes me places, it carried my babies, it told my souls purpose, it contains everything that I am."
Also because we have abuse trauma, that was the trigger to you shouldn't look sexy, shouldn't look beautiful. Because I thought oh Im just a sexual object from my trauma patterning. So being comfortable with my body. Showing my body, and not being triggered by anyone saying you're so beautiful and accepting it as a compliment as it is. People who are not confident will always judge you for your confidence. I am too much, Im going to walk away because I don't tolerate this. "Oh I actually can talk, I don't have the voice." "you are meant for more" stand up for yourself.
Her IG: https://www.instagram.com/dijanallugolli/
Dijana podcast is about embracing fears. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fearless-and-successful-podcast-with-dijana-llugolli/id1391691551
Also Join her 2 day Spiritual/Business retreat with HUGE DISCOUNT LINK. Because you're worth the work. https://www.dijanallugolli.com/elyse
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