EKN Debrief: Episode 76 - 2021 United States Pro Kart Series - Ocala


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The United States Pro Kart Series kicked off the 2021 season with the Southern Grand Prix at the Ocala Gran Prix facility. A series-record of 293 entries in the seven IAME categories gathered at the Ocala, Florida circuit, starting the ninth season of the program off with perfect racing conditions and for the first time, LCQ races to help narrow down the larger fields. Rob Howden and David Cole breakdown the weekend in this new episode of the ‘EKN Debrief’ - thanks to Trinity Karting Group. They cover the Parolin USA Paddock Pass, followed by the Race Report presented by KartSport North America. The EKN Trackside Live Race Calendar presented by Leading Edge Motorsports completes the podcast.

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