How to: Get smarter on your dreams


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So tonight I just want to inspire you with something that could might be helpful on your journey towards discovering what you dream of achieving in your life. ⁣

And that is: dream interpretation. ⁣

You see, the beautiful thing about dreams is that they have their own global language. And by that I mean: when you dream, then you dream in pictures, colours or even in numbers and these things are metaphors for feelings/meanings of different things. ⁣

Ex: if you tend to dream of water, then the global language/metaphor for water is: feelings. So there you got a clue on what’s going on inside of your mind/in your thoughts. ⁣

Also: ask and you shall receive and by this I mean: ask yourself some questions you wish to have answered before going to bed and there will be a chance that the answers arises during the night in a dream. ⁣

So: if you’re unsure of what you’re dreaming about (in real life) or what to do/how to handle a current project/event in your life, then go seek answers in your dreams. ⁣

You can become smarter on dreams in many different ways but here’s tree easy ones: ⁣

1. Google your dream (ex snake) on google like this: ‘snake dream interpretation’ and you’ll see what pops up and understand your dream/yourself better during learning about this topic ⁣

2. Buy an ebook on dreams/a hardcover book and carry it around. Most books about dreams have a ‘dream dictionary/library’ with lots of different metaphors and their meanings⁣

3. Go do some research on if you can find any great podcast on dreams⁣

Go and get smarter and wiser on yourself through understanding your late night dreams in a way that you become wiser and reach more clarity on your day dreams / life dreams. xx J⁣

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