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Hi guys!

So today I thought I wanted to share with you how to get downloads on your podcast! ⁣

As some of you know, because you have read some of my former posts in here, then my podcast went from 0 to 8000 downloads within 24 hours and reached the #1 on iTunes hit list as the most popular podcast show and as the most popular podcast episode in my country, at the time! ⁣

Today I have more than 65.000 downloads and I haven’t even been so consistent with my podcasting during the last two years. But when I am working on my podcast, then new listeners and downloads tends to start happening, right away! ⁣

So how do I manage to make that happen? ⁣

I’ll tell you, because I do have a strategy that I apply and if you apply that strategy too, then I’m sure you’ll start seeing results to happen: ⁣

1. My podcast is most often interview based. So contact some profiles, who’s already well known on social media (YouTube or Instagram) ⁣

2. Invite them to join your podcast and pick a theme they would love to either promote or to me associated with ⁣

3. Ask them to ask their audience for what questions they’re interested in having answered ⁣

4. Make them (and yourself!) promote for the episode to come via Instagram story or YouTube videos ⁣

5. Customise their interview to the: theme and the questions being asked ⁣

6. Create great content which is relevant for your and your guests audience - add value to them ⁣

7. Upload your podcast and use some powerful hashtags while uploading it ⁣

8. Make your guests promote it on their Instagram account by encouraging their audience to ‘swipe up’. ⁣

9. Book new profiles and make them promote for the former episode by telling their audience ‘next time I’ll be guesting this podcast’. In that way you’ll keep creating traction to your podcast and therefore creating even more downloads. xx J⁣

⁣⁣⁣⁣** DM/EMAIL me if you need help with making your dreams come true. ⁣⁣⁣
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