How to: Create trust/rapport between you and your coaching client


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This is another picture of my former office (studio, as I called it) for my coaching business, once I worked as a performance coach for some years. Of cause this was in the end of my coaching carrier and I felt so proud of welcoming my clients here! ⁣

What you see on this picture, is the corner of the studio where I used to make coffee and small talk with my clients before starting the session! ⁣

Because in order to develop and in order to move anything within us, we need to feel safe and comfortable. We need to feel like our shoulders relax and that we trust the situation and the person in front of us. Trust is such a fundamental thing when working with clients in the coaching field. ⁣

Today I thought I wanted to share some tips with you on how to create that (almost instant) trust between you and your clients. This is fundamental in order for you to work with them more than once and to succeed as a coach long term.⁣

Here’s a few tips on how to build trust: ⁣

1. Create rapport by mirroring your clients mood/vibe/body language. We as human beings feel more comfortable when we vibe on the same level ⁣

2. Lead the conversation by stepping in to your authority as the coach. It’s your responsibility to ask the right questions and lead the way. ⁣

3. Create eye contact, but look away when asking your clients deep questions in order to give them space ⁣

4. Use your body language. If your client has a closed body language, then see if you can open up their fx arms by reaching them a pen/paper/cup of coffee. ⁣

5. Keep your promises, be on time, don’t cancel your meetings and so on. ⁣

Go for it. xx J⁣

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