The Champions of Kurtz [ Die of Laughter Ep.7 ]


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Uncertain of what dangers lay ahead - Hugh spurs the group into action - a stark contrast no doubt from the man who refused to leave Fate's Fork tavern but days ago.

Or at least what's seemed like days...

A dubious darkness surrounds our adventurers, as an endless storm wails away in the night. However, a haunting melody, and a strange blue light emanate and entice our party, as an injured Chip and eager Chunk prepare to investigate alongside Hugh, Pob, and JB.

But what could be making that strange melody? And what could the source of this strange blue light be?

Why the heck are there giant fly's and mysterious goo's all over this place?

And what the heck ever happened to William?

Sparks will fly, as hearts and wings flutter - on this episode of....

Die of Laughter




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