Ep 068: How to Take Back Control of Your Business


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In this week’s episode, we're going to look at how to take back control of your business. It sounds weird because you might think, "Well, I am in control of my business." If you are a business owner, you might feel like you are the driving force that you've got everything in place, but something I've been struggling with quite lately, and to be honest, probably since I started my first business at the age of 21 is the pressure of others. This is not just to do with looking online, seeing people, believing that they're doing bigger and better things than you. It's not FOMO. It's actually the pressure of others and their opinions. To be able to get control of your business you really need to understand what you want and what your ultimate goals are. You need to have clarity around your mission and vision.

Here are the highlights:

(03:00) Create a one-page plan

(08:16) Be clear on your mission and your vision and stay strong

(11:14) Be objective to other people's thoughts and opinions

(13:38) I always build in what I call my ‘pan-out time’

(15:08) ​​Take time out for self-care

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