Ep 065: How to Create The Perfect Posting Strategy


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This week, we are going to focus on how to create the perfect posting strategy. We have to actually look at what we're trying to achieve with our social media, because if you have ever felt a little bit burnt out, a little bit exhausted and just generally fatigued about social media, then maybe the reason is the way that you are posting and the way that you are involving yourself in those channels. The key is bringing it back to basics.

Here are the highlights:

  • (02:49) What is the actual purpose of social media?
  • (04:12) You need to be aligned with your consumers and your audience
  • (06:57) I want things to be dynamic, to flow and be centered around your audiences
  • (07:48) Think about what you talk about from your audiences’ perspective
  • (08:41) Focus on your three core pillars
  • (11:36) When you have content that is really centered at the heart of what you're doing, it feels authentic

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