Ep 027: Why we are all natural-born sales people


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This episode is going to be one of the most exciting episodes for people who don't like sales. As lots of you know, my background is all things in the world of marketing, but one of the things that is central to my role, whether I like it or not, is sales. So in this episode, we're going to talk about selling for non-sales people.

Here are the highlights:

{1:02} We're all born sales people who don't recognise we are

{2:09} What makes a great sales person?

{3:11} What traits do you have in common?

{4:26} Good marketing promotes and positions the business well

{6:47} What is social selling?

{8:23} What is good marketing?

{11:45} Creating marketing content around frequently asked questions

{14:09} Marketing your products or services based on customer online behaviour

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