Ep. 51 – BKG (English) w. Björgvin Karl Goðmundsson


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Ep. 51 is our second episode in English, our guest this time being no other than the 3rd Fittest Man on Earth Björgvin Karl Goðmundsson - BKG (@bk_godmundsson). Also joining us is a friend of both Björgvin and the show, Nikolaj Rønnow (@nwr_productions) as our first guest host.
In the episode, we discuss the 2019 CrossFit Games and Björgvins outlook on format, events and his competitors - leading into what his outlook on the both the 2019 season and future seasons under the current 'new' format. Prior to this, Björgvin tells the story of how he got into CrossFit and the path that lead him to be one of the best in the world.
We also discuss PEDs and drug bans in the sport, including Björgvin's feelings about Hinrik Oskarsson's 2nd drug ban and the likely return of Ricky Gerard to the sport in the relatively near future.
As customary, we entertain a wide range of tangents. Among other things, Nikolaj reveals that during video reviews for the BKG documentary that he has produced on Björgvin's 2019 season, he found video evidence for a scoring mistake at the Games in event 6. That scoring mistake meant that Saxon Panchik instead of Travis Mayer made it to the top 10 and competed for the rest of the weekend.
P.s. the episode was recorded 13th of September in Copenhagen, just prior to the VIRUS flagstore opening in Copenhagen.
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