#62 – Let’s Go Uncle Pat (ENGLISH) w. Patrick Vellner


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Ep. 62 is our third English episode, this time featuring none other than the Patrick Vellner (@pvellner). Probably the fittest pale man on earth, with a song named after him called "Pat is so strong". Pat practically needs no introduction, but if you've been hiding under a rock since 2015 - he is a three time podium athlete (3rd 2016, 3rd 2017 and 2nd 2018) at the CrossFit Games. He was also, infamously, cut after the sprint event at the Games 2019 due to overstepping the line at and thus finished 16.
We do get into such controversial topics as the 2019 Games format, event order and cut system, as well as the CrossFit HQ meltdown after Glassman's FLOYD-19 tweet - but our main focus is on Pat's training, his thoughts on the future and recapping the Rogue Invitationals 2020.
First, we talk about the 2020 season, COVID-19 and how Pat has just become a house owner, but still prefers training at his local box over an elaborate garage gym. We get into how Pat still does group classes sometimes and how his approach to becoming the Fittest on Earth is different from Fraser's.
We discuss the Rogue Invitationals 2020 setup, online format and how it factors into Pat's confidence for the Games 2020 if they do happen.
Importantly, Pat breaks that a third season of All In is on its way featuring both him and Fikowski. If you haven't watched the All In documentaries... you're missing out!
The two last topics, mainly feature a talk about past Games - focusing on 2018 and 2019 - and future Games, 2020 and beyond.
Throughout, we get into some conceptions people have of Pat and whether or not they're true. Like that he's somehow really unlucky or clumsy, and whether or not that's a misconception build around some highly televised but unrepresentative mishaps at the Games. He also confirms that he really is, super pale and easily gets sunburned.
We hope you enjoy the podcast!
More English-language episodes are coming up, with an episode with the 2nd Fittest from 2019 - Noah Ohlsen - coming up next!
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