Episode 117: How to Manifest your Goals with The Law of Attraction (w/ Joni Rae)


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Sagi Shrieber on The Commit First Podcast Presents:

How to Manifest your Goals with The Law of Attraction (w/Joni Rae)

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Episode 117: How to Manifest your Goals with The Law of Attraction (w/Joni Rae)

On this week's episode, I am grateful to finally have Joni Rae with us at the Commit First Podcast.
Joni Rae is the founder of The Mindset Group, a boutique leadership development firm that exists to align people and teams, they offer interactive and experiential seminars, coaching programs, and corporate workshops and consulting. Their team has helped hundreds of clients go from overwhelm and chaos to clarity and sustainability. She's with us to explain and tell us more about the Law of Attraction and how Living in Alignment works.

Working with the law of attraction to manifest your dreams may sound straightforward, but it actually involves careful intention, action, and a degree of surrender. This principle suggests that empty space cannot truly exist, and always needs to be filled by something. As such, it's important to make space for positive change in your life by clearing out negativity.
It tells us that there will always be things to be unhappy about if you look for them, but rather than dwelling on things that are going wrong, finding ways to make things better - is fundamental to shifting your reality into one that attracts what you desire.

That's not to say you can't acknowledge negativity or feel emotions related to it. Rather, it's about doing what you can at the moment to improve any negative situation and letting the rest go. This follows living in alignment with your goals and taking the necessary steps to bring them to life.

Topics discussed on the show:
How to apply The Law of Attraction in your life?
Let's talk about Ego!
How do we let go of our Ego?
How to treat people in a different view?
Identifying feelings
How Meditation Can Help You?
How to be the happy version of yourself?
Joni Rae's Mantras
Joni Rae's Routine

Links mentioned:
Abraham Hicks- LAW OF ATTRACTION (https://www.abraham-hicks.com/)

Where to find Joni
LIVING IN ALIGNMENT WITH JONI RAE (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-living-in-alignment-with-joni-rae-podcast/id1474698078)

THE LIVING IN ALIGNMENT WITH JONI RAE PODCAST (https://open.spotify.com/show/7wfGQFmLvCD9lETVkzqH73?si=d4a94ee1110c4284)

Her Website(s):

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2-Nwul2YSECs4YdkB8F_uQ/videos)

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