M. J. Fièvre on How To Be A 'Bad Ass Black Girl' (w update to help Haiti!)


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UPDATE: For those who want to help Haiti, M.J. suggests there are two options for two different solid organizations. Ayiti Community Trust and Fokal. and ************************************************************** Claudia Cragg (@claudiacragg) speaks here with M.J. Fièvre, 9@MJ_Fievre), a -born writer and educator who has lived in since 2002. Her latest book is '. “This book is a celebration, an affirmation, a history text, a little bit of memoir, and an exuberant prayer for the prosperity of Black women.” ―Ashley M. Jones, author of Magic City Gospel Fièvre was born in and was educated there, going on to earn a from and a in Creative Writing from . She self-published her first mystery novel Le Feu de la vengeance at the age of 16. At age 19, she signed her first book contract for a Young Adult novel. Fièvre was editor for the 2012 anthology Ainsi parla la terre / Tè a pale / So Spoke the Earth. She is secretary for Women Writers of Haitian Descent, an organization based in Florida. She has published stories in English and French in several American literary journals. She has worked as a translator and interpreter and taught at a in . Most recently, she has been a professor at . Fièvre is editor for the literary journal Sliver of Stone. She is the head of Florida publishing company Lominy Books.

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