Slack Technologies / Practice of Architecture: Building & Running a Hybrid Practice (w/ Evelyn Lee)


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If your firm is considering going hybrid, it’s a much bigger decision than deciding how many hours per week you’ll ask staff to spend in the office. It also means overhauling processes that may have been in place for years or decades. Careful thought is needed, as is employee buy-in at every level. Evelyn Lee is the founder of Practice of Architecture and currently works at Slack. In this Section Cut interview, she shared the wisdom she’s gathered over the last 10 years as a workplace strategist, including where to focus your energy so you can innovate and thrive.

Interview Takeaways

  • A hybrid practice is the hardest practice
  • Re-examine your company culture
  • Create shared ownership in culture
  • Create new people processes
  • Consider a year-long onboarding process
  • Support employee career journeys
  • Hybrid processes sometimes look like 100% remote
  • Set time for live responses and deep work
  • Invest in cloud technology
  • Don’t get into process debt
  • Hybrid work requires investment at all levels

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