Q&A 447: Is “Feel Free” Energy Drink Bad For You, 25 Life-Changing Health Tips, “Clarogenic” Plant Medicines & Much More!


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Solosode Q&A and News Flashes – Follow Ben on Twitter for more… I. Questions about Feel Free Tonic -The safety and proper usage of Feel Free Tonic...7:21 -What is Feel Free Tonic made of?...09:44 -Ben Greenfield’s review of Feel Free...13:02 II. Questions about Plant Medicines...18:23 III. Clarogenics...19:27 IV. Experimenting With High-Dose Proteolytic Enzymes and Ben's Thoughts on Kion Flex...24:03 V. Looking, Feeling, and Performing Amazing: 25 Health Tips from Dr. Mercola...32:27 VI. Vibration training...45:17 Episode sponsors:

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