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Earlier this summer, as you probably heard if you've been following me, I declared that plant medicines were a "big problem"...

…and that after a great deal of study, contemplation, and prayer, I decided to put up some big ol' warning signs against the use of mind-altering substances, especially considering their widespread abuse and potential for psychological harm, but perhaps of more concern, the increasing trend to put one's faith for healing, trauma, relationship work, self-discovery, divination, spiritual awakening, and anything of the like in drugs instead of in God.

I also feel that it's my God-given responsibility to educate you on why I made this choice, in the hope not necessarily that you also stop but that you can make an informed decision for yourself. For (many) more details about this topic, you can read the two-part article series that I published in June and listen to my more recent podcast with Josh Trent:

Social media is another important pathway for me to offer thoughts and prompt discussion on this popular topic. My Instagram post announcing my decision in June earned more than 2,500 likes and a wide range of responses in the form of comments, which I appreciate because I put my views out there honestly, and I want you to, also, even if they don't line up with what I'm saying.

I don't hold back on my Twitter feed either, which has more than 88,000 followers. Last year, Twitter launched Twitter Spaces, an online forum for live audio conversations. Spaces are another cool way for me to have open and unfiltered discussions about different topics that are on my mind.

This latest Twitter Space audio – graciously hosted by @AncestralVril and joined by @CenterHps and @ReclaimMind - goes even deeper into how I got to where I am today with my stance on plant medicine, which, for all its nuance, really comes down to a single belief: you just don't need drugs to talk to God or hear His voice or seek His direction. This was a Q&A that was open to many voices, so you'll hear many opinions other than mine, and I think you'll find the wide range of views quite beneficial for better understanding this topic.

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