Boundless Parenting: How To Raise Happy, World-Changing & Impactful Children, With Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Naveen Jain.


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An intensely curious entrepreneur and philanthropist, Naveen Jain focuses on ideas that push humanity forward, and his ideas will be featured in my upcoming book Boundless Parenting, which will showcase Naveen and 30+ additional amazing parents from around the globe who are sharing their deep wisdom and advice so that you can be a better parent and better human.

From local boy to lunar visionary, Naveen sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating companies that make a true impact. As the founder of Viome, Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, TalentWise, Intelius, and Infospace, Naveen is an intensely curious entrepreneur who is focused on audacious ideas that push humanity forward.

He is the author of the award-winning book, Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance, the creator of Mindvalley, Masterclass programs, and behind XPrize a global future positive movement and on the board of Singularity University.

A man who knows no limits and an icon propelled by his imagination, Naveen pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. His audacious vision and magnetic personality continually inspire others to follow what feels impossible.

Everything Naveen does—whether commercial or philanthropic, aims at improving the lives of as many people as possible. By applying entrepreneurial values to philanthropy, society ought to meet the needs of—and improve the lives of—the greatest number of people. Giving away money is just a temporary fix. Instead, philanthropy should be approached in a strategic and systematic way. That’s the only way to make a self-sustaining difference in the world.

Naveen’s family is an entrepreneurial one focused on positively impacting the world through the Naveen & Anu Jain Family Foundation which aims to:

- empowering girls and women - focusing on health and wellness - educating youth - and promoting entrepreneurship.

In the past, Naveen has joined me to discuss the many amazing ventures in the health and fitness industry.

But today, Naveen and I shift our focus on to his amazing children who are quite impactful themselves, parenting, family and lifestyle related topics we've never discussed before!

During our discussion, you'll discover: -About Naveen's children... -Why Naveen brought his children on business trips when they were young... -Integrating real world lessons into a child's education... -Rites of passage and progressing into adulthood... -Reconciling differences of opinion with the other parent... -Naveen's view on spending one on one time with the children... -How Naveen engaged in self-care while raising a family and building several successful businesses... -The importance of waking up with a purpose in your life... -What Naveen would do differently as a parent if he could do it again... -How Naveen would like to be remembered by his children and his wife as a parent... -Naveen's advice for parents... -What parenting message Naveen would put on a billboard... -And much more! Episode sponsors:

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