An American Feminist in Denmark - Trump, Activism and the Smith Chop


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In this episode of Aftenskolen we have a guest from overseas – college student and feminist activist Jennie Kratz gives us her perspective on the current political situation in the US, the potential for feminist mobilization in the times of Trump and translating activism into actual political change. Having spent a year in Denmark, Jennie also asks why most Danes are so reluctant to talk about gender equality and how cultural relativism becomes an argument for not doing more to become an inclusive society. Back home, Jennie is a student at the famous Smith, a Women’s College which we also discuss – what happens with power hierarchies, gender norms and patriarchy when men are no longer part of college life? Does it make sense to have spaces for women only in higher education? // SHOWNOTES // ‘Makers – Women Who Make America’ Global Gender Gap Index - Smith College - Elizabeth Warren -

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