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Inspirational stories – Anything between the business world and the private life. Life for better or worse, when we ”Walk the way” – A paradigm shift for the “GREATEST THINKERS”!What happens, when the Masculine and the Feminine Intelligence meet on the !Way!, and What will the Outcome be?The Missing Link – The Pulse of Your System - THE FEMININE & MASCULINE INTELLIGENCE CONSCIOUSNESS.BUSINESS – LIFE – LIVING Concept Based On Our Experiences, Your Mind, Inner Being, Senses, Your Body’s Consciousness, Your Taught Theoretical Knowledge, Your Cultural and Unconscious Resources, Your Abilities & Your Whole Capacity Creating Resources.We Help you and Inspire you to Find your Way to WHAT You are Searching for, –what You are Missing or just Want to Develop Further, by Currently telling Our story, Our Individual Signature, why I have Chosen to Construct ANCIENT ACADEMY AND ADVISORY, and what is the Vision, the Passion, and Which is the Driving Force Behind ?!WHY!?How We have ourselves Worked with the Ideas we Preach about and have Spent many Years of our private and professional lives on! Quite Fantastic Stories close to themost private Thoughts and processes in Life, which we are all Facing Sometimes,but Dare not Speak Loudly About, and Which Influence US, Our work, and the Whole to a Greater Extent.We put Focus on Deselecting a Way to be Able to Select Another Way.The story bBehind all 5 Caminos across Spain and Portugal, where they all End at one and only One Place, if We Choose To Go The Way Fully – namely Santiago de Compostela.My personal Camino as a Solo wanderer, Our Camino as a Couple, our Camino as mother and daughter, and our Camino as a Whole family of 6.Then, what if I say that I have invented a way to concretize the Emotions, so that everyone can understand and handle them, and vice versa? THAT we can combine them with the very concrete world – the operational world? What does your sceptical sense then say? What does your sense say? What do your instincts and intuition say? What do the emotions say? Well, - here is high ceilings, and yes, in fact we do quantify and combine the state of the emotions with the operational state (the concrete state). – Combined intelligence. *** COMBINED INTELLIGENCE® – COMBINED CONSCIOUSNESS® Is The Ultimative ALFA Consciousness AS::“FE:MALE”(MANAGEMENT)® – THE FEMININE & MASCULINE INTELLIGENCE CONSCIOUSNESS”FE:MALE” CONSCIOUSNESS - OUR INNER POWER Emotional & Operational(Management)® –SELF(EVOLVEMENT ) – SELF(MANAGEMENT) IRRESPECTIVE OF OUR GENDER IDENTITY – GENDER DIVERSITY***WE WORK WITH COMBINED INTELLIGENCE® TO ACHIEVE COMBINED CONSCIOUSNESS® FOR LEADERSHIP and ENTREPRENEURSHIP. The Combined Leadership - “FE:MALE“(MANAGEMENT)® Based on The Emotional & Operational(MANAGEMENT® - Combined Consciousness®.OUR INTELLIGENCE IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING(ABILITY), JUST LIKE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS ABOUT OUR COMPREHENSION(ABILITY) – CAPACITY(ABILITY)

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