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History Hit

From Napoleonic battles to Cold War confrontations, the Normandy landings to 9/11, this podcast opens up fascinating new perspectives on how wars have shaped and changed our modern world. Each week, twice a week, war historian, writer, and broadcaster, James Rogers, teams up with fellow historians, veterans, and experts to reveal astonishing new histories of inspirational leadership, breakthrough technologies, and era defining battles. Together they highlight the stark realities and conseque ...
Irregular Warfare Podcast

Irregular Warfare Podcast

Modern War Institute at West Point

The Irregular Warfare Podcast explores an important component of war throughout history. Small wars, drone strikes, special operations forces, counterterrorism, proxies—this podcast covers the full range of topics related to irregular war and features in-depth conversations with guests from the military, academia, and the policy community. The podcast is a collaboration between the Modern War Institute at West Point and Princeton's Empirical Studies of Conflict Project.
Trivial Warfare is the podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you. Trivial Warfare is a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights. TW is your gateway to a larger world of trivia and your invitation into an awesome community of people who love trivia games just as much as you do. Give the show a try and have fun with Jonathan, Chris, Carmela and Ben a ...
The Art of Asymmetrical Warfare takes a holistic approach to discuss the history of at least one asymmetrical conflict per season. Join me as I explore civil wars, guerilla warfare, various resistance movements and stretch the definition to delve into civil disobedience and civil rights movements. Icon created by the talented @GraphicsHub3 Theme song is Symphony no. 5 in Cm, Op. 67 - III. Allegro
This is the .Mp3 Audio Version of - YouTube Channel: “Benja Welldone Comedy”, playlist, “*PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE - *Veteran, *Comedian, *Christian,”. Me in Short: -College in Europe, -Speak 4 Languages, -Army Vet, -Savage Comic, *Facts. YouTube: Benja Welldone Comedy, IG&Twitter: @BenjaWelldone FB: Benja Welldone Comedy Biz-Email: BenjaWelldoneComedy@gmail.com
A podcast series peeking behind the curtain at the vast machinery and briar patch politics of fighting terrorism and insurgency and everything in between. I'm a "COINtra" and not a "COINdinista", the latter are the vast army of apparatchiks and apologists who fire the engines of Irregular Warfare (IW) planet-wide. We're the skeptics and doubters of all things IW and special operations. And we are a tiny sliver of the IW community. I have noticed a jarring gap in this part of the discussion a ...
Blog Talk Radio Boot Camp Podcast-Basic Training in Spiritual Warfare! Christian soldiers in the army of the Lord must be trained and know who our Commander in Chief is, we must be trained in our spiritual identity, trained in who our enemy is, trained in the weapons of our warfare, trained in what to put off and what to put on (the whole armor of the Lord Ephesians 6:11) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pastorhelenprice/support
Romance underlines Corporate Warfare – a fast paced novel that deals with corporations bidding on a US proposal. A scheming foreign conglomerate has other intentions. With their international genetic patents secured, Project Abacus' success now hinges on the exploitation of the proposal to realize a unique human identification system. A genetic social security number. And corporate espionage entangles the love triangles. But with Anthony's hands tied will fate prevail?
Hosted by Brandon Thorn, Trench Warfare will take a deep dive into offensive & defensive line play. This is a podcast for coaches, players and students of the game. Brandon will also discuss other relevant topics around the NFL and feature a variety of football guests.
Discover how to combat the works of Satan, his demons and witchcraft as Apostle DoQuoi Green equips you with kingdom strategies and teaches you how to effectively and strategically pray and engage the enemy in spiritual warfare. It’s time to walk in your God given power and authority! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/spiritualwarfarenetwork/support
A history podcast about the Middle Ages and warfare during those times. From knights to Vikings, crusaders to kings, we will explore the medieval world and its military history. Hosted by the editor of Medieval Warfare magazine, this podcast features guests discussing various topics about warfare, including battles, sieges, weapons, military organization, chivalry and more. We will have conversations with the leading historians and archaeologists in the field, who can tell us about the lates ...
The video game industry has come a long way since Pac Man, but with all of these companies out there, how can we possibly know who's WINNING at MAKING VIDEO GAMES?!? Fear not! Hosts Brian Bishop, Mike Matthews and Moses Agboola cover the video game industries' hottest news stories every week and rank every company, so we can once and for all, every week, every month and every year FINALLY put it to rest: Who Won Video Games in this age of... MODERN CONSOLE WARFARE.
Angelic Warfare

Angelic Warfare

Father Gabriel Gillen, O.P.

The Rosary Shrine of Saint Jude is located at Saint Dominic Church in Washington, DC. This Shrine was founded to promote devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Jude Thaddeus. Over the years, The Rosary Shrine of Saint Jude has become a sign of hope and a source of comfort and consolation for many Catholics as well as non-Catholics during moments of desperation and times of crisis. More than ever we need the power of the rosary and the intercession of Saint Jude!
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Jiujitsu by Day 🥋, *Comedy by Night, #Comedian Benja Welldone Comedy #BWDC *Stand-Up Comedian., -College in Europe, -Speak 4 Languages, -Army Vet, -Savage Comic, *Facts. YouTube: Benja Welldone Comedy Instagram: @BenjaWelldone FB: Benja Welldone Biz-Email: BenjaWelldoneComedy@gmail.comAf Benja Welldone
Be sure to visit the Irregular Warfare Initiative's new website, www.irregularwarfare.org, to see all of the new articles, podcast episodes, and other content the IWI team is producing! What are the origins of America’s longstanding policy of strategic ambiguity regarding Taiwan? How effective has that strategy been and, more urgently, how effectiv…
In early 1945, with an inevitable defeat of Nazi Germany on the horizon, the Allied leaders of the United States, Britain and Russia came together to decide the postwar future of Europe itself. The ‘Big Three’, made up of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin - met at Yalta in Crimea, with the reorganisation of Germany a top priority to be discussed. But…
It is my podcast's third year anniversary and I'm celebrating by posting my first ever behind the scene's episode. In this episode, I discuss how you can donate to help people in Turkiye and Syria recover from the earthquake, how you can help the trans community, and how I decide what ends up in an … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Determining …
Government, for a variety of reasons, is manifestly incompetent in everything it does and this lends parts of the explanatory framework in why systemic failure is the feature not a bug in Western martial efforts. The critiques of the government supremacist mindset are legion and one can find many rational and elegant theses if you start at the Mise…
We have such a fun show this week. Jonathan teams up with Daniela Browning and Chuck Yu against the powerhouse tandem of Zahkia and Drew Grant. Erin is hosting. Enjoy! Triviamatic code - 672546 Check out Lifeyness with Professor Sarah on Spotify using THIS LINK :-). Or you can search for Lifeyness in your podcast app.…
To learn more and view their work, please visit the sites for Stefania Salles Bruins, Nnebundo Obi and Geoffrey Stein. 0:00 Artist and attorney Geoff Stein describing his collage work 2:00 Artist and attorney Stefania Salles Bruins describes genesis of theme for “Portraits As Still Lives” group show 3:45 Stephanie Drawdy on her work for the group s…
In this episode, John Spencer is joined again by Michael Kofman, director of the Russia Studies Program at CNA. He researches Russia and the former Soviet Union, specializing in Russian armed forces, military thought, capabilities, and strategy. In the conversation, Kofman describes his recent trip to Bakhmut, Ukraine—the scene of intense fighting …
In Episode 64, Why Wagner, I said one possible risk associated the Wagner Group is the potential that, like previous elite and ostensibly politically reliable mercenary forces, Wagner could be a threat to the Russian government. But what is the likelihood of that happening? This episode explores how military or paramilitary forces might turn on the…
Came under petty spiritual attacks as I tried to release this prophetic spiritual warfare technique, For bondage breaking and salvation of souls in communities and countries, supporting revival Connect with us on social media as I will be releasing more details on the armies to our VAS Community next week. Psalm 77:17-18 The clouds poured out water…
A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM RAY RUSSELL OF THE WRESTLECOPIA PODCAST NETWORK! NEW SEASON OF MONDAY WARFARE BEGINS NEXT WEEK - COVERING JULY 1, 1996 RAW VS. NITRO! Available everywhere your Podcast Streaming needs are met. Visit our Podcast Network https://wrestlecopia.com Follow us on Twitter @RasslinGrenade Follow and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE located at h…
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