Oil policy frustrations, a new premier add fuel to the fire for Alberta, Canada’s feds


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As Canada’s main oil-producing province, Alberta has rarely let go an opportunity to defend its constitutional rights and pick a fight with the federal government when it comes to developing its abundant natural resources. Over the past few years, the mood overall in Western Canada, led by Alberta, has been of disenchantment, with a significant amount of the ire being directed towards the federal government. With Danielle Smith coming to power as the leader of the United Conservative Party and new premier of Alberta, these tensions are coming to a head with the proposed Alberta Sovereignty Act.

Greg Stringham, president of GS3 Strategies and a Canadian oil and gas industry veteran, as well as S&P Global Commodity Insights’ Calgary stringer Ashok Dutta joined the podcast to discuss this legislation that would allow Alberta to basically ignore federal laws and policies that it disagrees with and gave their insights on what’s currently going on in the Alberta oil sector.

Stick around after the interview for Jeff Mower with the Market Minute, a look at near-term oil market drivers.

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