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I feel fortunate to be invited to many, many events in the health and wellness industry...

...but honestly, lately, I haven't felt all that motivated to go to most of them.

There is one event, though, that is well, well worth the travel. It's called RUNGA and it's the most uplifting, rejuvenating, and empowering event I've ever attended. RUNGA is held twice a year for three days in Austin, TX, and I'm a regular.

Only fifty guests are invited to the beautiful, secluded property, which gives RUNGA an intimacy that I've never felt at other events. The people who go have a wide range of backgrounds, but what they share is their dedication to optimal health.

Each day, we woke up to a delicious, nourishing organic breakfast, then spent the days engaged in activities like yoga and meditation, oxygen treatments, IVs, biohacking, cooking workshops, and more.

The first was a panel called "State of Mind," during which we talked about spirituality, psychedelics, smart drug stacks, and general mindstate shifting using plant medicines, technologies, breath, and other cutting-edge, scientific and free, and natural methods to alter one's state of mind. My co-panelists were Tero Isokauppila from Four Sigmatic, Joseph Anew from the Intuitive Warrior podcast (and the creator of RUNGA), and my friend Dr. John Lieurance of MitoZen.

I recorded both the panel and the Q&A, so there's a huge range of topics covered in this one episode - If you're interested in joining me for the next RUNGA event in April 2023 in Austin, Texas, you can apply here. I'd love to meet you in person.

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