Ep 029: Do what you want not what you need to


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In this podcast episode, we are going to cover something that I am very, very into at the moment. And that is the Pareto Principle. Some of you may have heard about it and some of you may have even applied it to some of the things that you're doing. In this episode, I’ll share with you how I use it and how helpful I’ve found it in life and in business.

Here are the highlights from the episode:

{3:48} Figuring out what you really want to be doing

{5:32} How you don’t need to do the things you don’t want to do

{6:25} Focussing on your own outputs and the inputs you need to put in

{6:52} A review of your to-do list

{8:02} The Pareto Principle

{13:24} Is what you’re delivering what your clients want?

{13:58} The 8 areas of life to focus on being balanced

{17:39} It’s easier to find 10 customers than 10,000

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