16 - Kashf ush-Shubuhaat - The removal of the doubts - Abu Muadh Taqweem | Manchester


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Kashf ush-Shubuhaat – The removal of the doubts – Lesson 16 (19/12/20) 8th DOUBT – Their claim: “Shirk is worshipping idols but we do not worship idols” Then know that the Shirk of the earlier generations was not as severe as the Shirk [practiced] in our time for two reasons: 1. The First Matter: The earlier people did not commit Shirk and supplicate to the angels, awliyā’ and idols except in times of ease, whereas in times of hardship they would supplicate purely to Allāh, as Allāh says: “And when faced with adversity at sea, those whom you invoke besides Him disappear. But when He delivers you to land you turn away. Ever is mankind ungrateful.” [Sūrah al-Isrā’ 17:67] And He said: “Say: Haven’t you considered that if the punishment of Allāh reached you, or if the hour was established, would you call upon other than Allāh; if you should be truthful. But no, it is Him alone that you would call upon, and He would remove the reasons for which you called upon Him - if He so willed - and you would forget what you used to associate with Him.” [Sūrah al-An’ām 6:40-41] And He said: “And if mankind is touched by hardship, they call upon their Lord turning to Him alone.” [Sūrah al-Zumar 39:8] Until His statement: “Say: Enjoy your disbelief temporarily; indeed you will be from the people of the Hellfire.” [Sūrah al-Zumar 39:8] And He said: “And when they are engulfed in waves like mountains they call upon Allāh sincere in their Religion to Him” [Sūrah Luqmān 31:32] So whoever understands the affair which Allāh has clarified in His Book – which is that the polytheists whom the Messenger of Allāh (صلى الله عليه وسلم (fought against used to call upon Allāh and other than Allāh in times of ease – while in times of difficulty and hardship they would not call upon anything besides Allāh without a partner and they would forget about calling upon the righteous from amongst them – then it would become clear to this person the difference between the Shirk practiced by the people of our time and the Shirk of the earlier generations. But where are those who truly understand this matter with conviction of their heart? And aid is sought from Allāh. 2. The Second Matter: That the earlier generations used to call upon people besides Allāh that were close to Allāh whether it was a Prophet, the awliyā’, Angels, or they would call upon trees and stones, all of which are obedient to Allāh and do not disobey him. However, the people of our time call upon people who are from the most disobedient of individuals, and those who call upon them are the ones who have mentioned their sins like fornication, theft, abandonment of prayer and other than this. So the one who believes this about the righteous person or the one that cannot be disobedient like the wood or stone is less severe than the one who believes this belief about a person who he knows to be immoral, corrupt and renowned for these things. Today we covered: • The belief of the mushrikoon • It is only Allaah that you call upon • All the above Ayaat are in reference to the mushrikoon that called upon Allaah in difficulty • Q&A session The English translation of the workbook are available on: file:///D:/Learn%20About%20Islam/Audio/Abu%20Muaadh%20Taqweem%20Aslam/Kashf%20Ush-Shubuhaat/Kashf%20ash-Shubuhaat%20workbook.pdf Recorded at the Salafi Centre of Manchester on 19/12/20 and streamed live on www.SunnahRadio.Net

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