#2. Ingrid Biese, Academic and Artist: "Opting out worked well for me but I don’t see it as a long term solution for society"


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Only the third episode of "Endelig Mandag" (Finally Monday) - and already we are going international! ;-) This episode is in English, to share with you the research, insights and inspiring personal "opting-out"-story of Ingrid Biese, postdoc at the Swedish School of Social Studies, Helsinki University.

"Opting-out worked well for me, but I don’t see it as a long term solution for society," as she says, "I want to create work places that people do not want to opt-out of". Bieses studies "opting-out" and has collected data and life stories from men and women choosing to leave management positions, "good" jobs and mainstream career models to adopt alternative approaches to work and life on their own terms. Can I be myself here? We talk about what it is that make people decide to leave, what they opt-out of, what they long for and want more of (hint: a chance to be themselves, control and more room for human connection). The good news is that they find it. But only after going through some tough times (and especially for the women, some serious self-blame also!). Further more, Biese shares her insights into what it takes to create work places that people do not want, or need, to opt-out of. From crying in the car to a big decision Biese also shares her personal story of opting-out - from management consultancy into academia and recently, another shift in her work life, pursuing her passion for silk paint to combine her work as a researcher, consultant and artist in her newly founded studio, The Art Place Finland, where she works with organisations to "create work places that people do not want to opt-out of". Postdoc and opting-out scholar Ingrid Biese, Helsinki University in online conversation with Line Reeh, Endelig Mandag TheOptingOutBlog.com and Bieses Books Biese blogs on her own terms on TheOptingOutBlog.com. Ingrid Biese is the author of "Opting Out and In: On Women's Careers and New Lifestyles", Taylor & Francis Ltd (2017) and has a new book on the way on men and opting-out.

More on Ingrid Biese, publications and free chapters on https://theartplacefinland.com/

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