How to: Avoid creating drama during an interview


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So here’s a blurred black and white picture from a setting on stage during the book fair in Copenhagen. ⁣

What I leaned from this interview is simply: ⁣

• If you don’t know something, about something, then say that. Instead of trying to pretend that you do. ⁣

• If the interviewer is trying to point the interview in a certain direction by the line up of questions being asked, then focus on the reason why you’re doing the interview in the first place and direct the focus back on your want and intention with the interview. ⁣

Most often journalists will try to push you in a certain direction which is good for the direction and form they wish the interview to take, because they know that the topics, focus, angle, theme or so on is fx hot topics or something that people buy in on by fx physical buying a magazine or by clicking on a article on the internet. ⁣

When this is said, then here’s an important note: I’m not saying that this interviewer did that. But I’m saying that I was aware about the fact, that journalists most often has a agenda. ⁣

So: practise staying focused on the message you want to deliver/point you’re trying to make or so on - and be proactive and aware about pointing the interview in a direction which benefits you and your dreams. xx J ⁣
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