Consider this: Before starting on your writing process


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This is a picture from one of my settings during my writing process of my first book: feet’s out of the window, sun in the face and the computer inside of the apartment, so I was able to see the screen more clearly. ⁣

There’s lots of ways to do a writing process - the most important thing is that you feel good. ⁣

Personally, then I’ve written both of my books at the same cafe and in my apartment. For me the most important thing was to feel inspired, to like the vibe, but also to feel a sense of peace and make sure that my environment wouldn’t disturb me during writing.⁣

For you content creators out there (and for everyone else who’s deeply concentrated and focused on something...) then being disturbed is the worst thing, because it breaks your flow and most often (worst case) makes it really difficult to get back in to a fx writing rhythm. ⁣

So, I find that the environment and the surroundings might be the #1 most important thing to get straight (to find) before starting your writing process. Because it will help your process so much more, and you’ll get further with your dream by making sure that the practical things around you WORK, before loosing yourself in stories, imagination and so on. ⁣

I’m so curious; what’s your preferred way to work/create? xx J ⁣

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