How to: Become a TV presenter


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So this morning I thought I wanted to share with you a ‘behind the scenes’ video from our television show production. ⁣

In this little studio, we produced +400 shows, can you imagine? ⁣

I know that some of you would like to know, how to become a television presenter. ⁣

Well, let’s cover that in a short way: you have to be proactive. ⁣

You can either: ⁣

1. Look for a job as a TV/online presenter on the internet ⁣

2. Go and do some networking with people from the industry ⁣

3. Send an email to the television station/company you would like to work for and explain them why you’re so necessary at their production. This is a job though, where a lot of the decision making on whether you should work there or not, happens during the casting while they observe you perform/present a script.⁣

Personally then I networked my way in to being invited to a casting for the job. ⁣

So there’s many ways to do it, but one thing those ways have in common is: proactivity.⁣

Also: if you’re interested in reading more about ‘anchoring’ (= controlling your emotional state) before attending a fx meeting/casting/audition, then please read one of my latest post which is about ‘How to anchor feelings’. ⁣

And if you have any questions or thoughts on this, then please comment below. ❤️ xx J⁣

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