How to: Be comfortable showing up on video


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So this evening I received an IG message with these words: ⁣

‘I just want to be more comfortable showing up on video’ - can you relate? ⁣

So of cause we’re going to cover this subject. ❤️ ⁣

Personally then I’ve worked as an international model for the past 15 years. Also I’ve coached hundreds of women in model competitions on how to perform in front of a camera (or on stage) and then I’ve worked as a television presenter as well for two years, where I presented around 400 television shows (So I guess I know a thing or two about this theme).

So here’s what I learned, I hope it will be beneficial for you too and add extra confidence, light and sparkle to your journey:⁣

1. Know your angles. Yes I know this is a bit fun and very ‘me, me, me’ ish if you know what I mean, but it does help you feel more comfortable in front of a camera. Just think of Paris Hilton, most of the pictures with her looks the same because of her face position is the same. ⁣

2. Look your best. When you have made an effort on looking your best, then it will for sure have an effect or two on your outer performance as well (because you feel more comfortable on the inside) ⁣

3. Practise. Practise makes master. Go perform in the mirror or do a 100 recordings with yourself and then delete them. Just as practise with much of room for making mistakes. In this way you will (eventually) feel more comfortable in front of a camera/on video, because it’s more natural to you now when you have practised and it doesn’t feel as odd. ⁣

4. Have a healthy lifestyle (eat healthy, drink your water, don’t have an hangover, get some sleep) I know this is a very general good thing, but I promise you that when your body and mind is healthy and in balance, then it will have an effect on your outer appearance and on your inner: balance reduces anxiety or other feelings that makes you feel uncomfortable. ⁣

5. Have fun and know that you don’t have to do a one take so it doesn’t have to be perfect! You can cut in between recordings if you want to. Go watch my IG TV video about how to memorise a script. ⁣

6. Watch your videos and learn from them! Enjoy. xx
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